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The need for Seizo Labs arose from a persistent problem that we noticed working with multiple emerging technology ventures and implementations. In a nutshell, there are issues from a demand and supply perspective that prevents pilots of emerging technology implementations to scale up to their full growth potential.

From a supply perspective, there ia diverse proliferation of startups that are innovating emerging technology. However they tend to look at their products from a technology lens and fail to articulate a value proposition that meets customer needs. They lack the right sales / product resources, approaches and knowledge to increase their success rate. This often leads to loss of traction after pilots, increased sales cycle and unfulfilled revenue potentials. ventures that don’t address these issues are victims of scale and are resigned to their early adopter customer base.


As innovation cycles are becoming cheaper and faster, technology experimentation is no longer the domain of a few companies. However their processes and resources are not in sync with this intent. Often, they deploy frameworks that are used to manage large scale IT projects for such small scale innovation pilots. In addition, such pilots never gather executive focus and are an afterthought for most teams.  Companies rely exclusively on vendors to execute and demonstrate success of these pilots.


The increasing need for technology experimentation requires companies to proactively manage incubations (pilots and PoCs) and ensure that their knowledge is managed and distributed across the entire organization. Ignoring these priorities leads to companies playing catch up – and often its too late to do so.

At Seizo Labs, our passion and mission is to fix this problems and allow customers to take full advantage of the potential of emerging technologies. Our exclusive focus on early stage innovation & experimentation for companies has allowed us to build teams,  processes and frameworks that address this need effectively.