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Seizo Labs provides solutions on that help emerging ventures and early adopter companies maximize their technology incubation programs and scale revenues to market potential.

Early Stage Ventures:

The NEED: ” How do we design and implement a product and revenue model, that helps us scale beyond our early adopter customer base , and maximize our full market potential.”


  • Business Model Design
  • Product management
    • Feature prioritization
    • Product-market Fit
  • Customer Validation
    • Needs prioritization
    • Use Case Design
  • Pipeline design and management
    • Target stakeholder mapping
    • Opportunity Managamenet
    • Bid management
    • Contract management
    • Pre-sales consulting
  • Proof of concept Management
    • Business case design
    • Program Management
    • Governance and Client management

Early Adopter Corporates:

The NEED: ” How do we design and implement a strategic and sustainable program for incubating emerging technologies, that meets our business needs and growth objectives.”


  • Executive briefings on emerging technologies
  • Strategic Plan for Emerging Technologies Adoption
  • Business need mapping and prioritization
  • Incubation program design (POCs and Pilots)
  • Incubation program Governance and Management
  • Success metrics – Design and Monitoring